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Podcast Episode 2 – Decade of Superheroes

In our second episode of the Married to the Movies Podcast, Darren (Dr. Sci-Fi) and Maureen (Leading Lady) talk about the the boom of super hero and comic book movies over the past 12 years.


Here is a list of the films we discuss.

  • 2000 – X-men
  • 2002 – Spider Man
  • 2003 – Hulk, X-Men 2, Daredevil, LXG
  • 2004 – Spider Man 2, The Incredibles, Catwoman, Hellboy, The Punisher
  • 2005 – Batman Begins, Fantastic Four
  • 2006 – Superman Returns, X-men 3
  • 2007 – Spider Man 3, Fantastic Four 2, Ghost Rider
  • 2008 – The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Hellboy II: The Golden Army
  • 2009 – X-men Origins: Wolverine, Watchmen
  • 2010 – Iron Man 2
  • 2011 – X-Men First Class, Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America: The First Avenger
  • 2012 – The Avengers, The Amazing Spider Man, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises

Shakespeare’s Superhero

Tonight we faced a choice: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides or Thor. With the price of tickets being what it is, choosing a movie is something that must be done judiciously. We weighed the options. Thor had a shorter running time and, most importantly, a 78% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes.com. POTC 4, on the other hand,

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Chaucer’s Nightmare

Don’t ever watch Rock-A-Doodle. EVER! It’s the worst animated feature film ever made. We just groaned and cursed our way through it out of morbid curiosity. (Yes, cursed. It was so bad that salty language was all I could think of to say–I’m controlling that urge in this review.) In case you’ve never heard of

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¡Tres Amigos!

¡Three Amigos! has a small cast but it packs more laughs into it’s cleaver banter than any Shrek film I have ever seen. Martin Short (Ned Nederlander), Chevy Chase (Dusty Bottoms) and Steve Martin (Lucky Day) play out of work movie stars in 1916. One of my favorite scenes is the campfire song. The 3

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Us vs. Scott Pilgrim

Netflix delivered Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to our doorstep today. So after a long afternoon of intense spring cleaning, we grabbed dinner-to-go from The Hat (yum) and settled in to watch said film. And I gotta say–not a huge fan. The graphic novel/video game effects were entertaining. The overall editing/scripting/style took some getting used

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