Chaucer’s Nightmare

Don’t ever watch Rock-A-Doodle. EVER! It’s the worst animated feature film ever made. We just groaned and cursed our way through it out of morbid curiosity. (Yes, cursed. It was so bad that salty language was all I could think of to say–I’m controlling that urge in this review.)

Don't be fooled by the colorful, cutesy poster art.

In case you’ve never heard of Rock-A-Doodle, here’s the scoop. It’s an early 90s cartoon by Don Bluth (the guy who gave us An American Tail and The Land Before Time). It tells the story of Chanticleer (terrible rip-off of a classic Geoffrey Chaucer tale), a rooster who leaves the farm to be tormented by owls and constant rain when he realizes his crow doesn’t bring up the Sun. Cute concept—AWFUL execution! Compare this scream-inducing nightmare to Disney’s output that same year (Beauty and the Beast). Um, yeah.

So you’ve been warned.

Oh, and just one more note: among its worst crimes is Rock-A-Doodle‘s complete waste of Ellen Greene as the voice of Chanticleer’s girl and Christopher Plummer as the villainous owl.


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