Us vs. Scott Pilgrim

Netflix delivered Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to our doorstep today. So after a long afternoon of intense spring cleaning, we grabbed dinner-to-go from The Hat (yum) and settled in to watch said film. And I gotta say–not a huge fan.

The graphic novel/video game effects were entertaining. The overall editing/scripting/style took some getting used to but made things interesting. Which is good because the title character was lame. I know Michael Cera is, like, the geek of choice in Tinsel Town right now, but as Scott Pilgrim, he irks me. Which is saying a lot because I’ve got a thing for geeks.

I liked Cera in Juno–perhaps because he wasn’t the main character and because his character was charming and sweet. Scott Pilgrim is a thoroughly unlikeable jerk for 99% of the film. And he whines a lot. I hate whiny characters.

Maybe Cera is better in some of his other films–I don’t know because Scott Pilgrim and Juno are the only two I’ve seen. Shrug. Ah, well.


2 comments on “Us vs. Scott Pilgrim

  1. Sandra
    April 21, 2011 at 9:32 am #

    Scott Pilgrim is the new anti-hero. Whiny instead of mean, he still behaves badly (like cheating on Knives with Ramona, or was it the other way around?). Sure he defeats the league of evil exes, but ultimately the real battle is with himself. So…I don’t know. I think it’s pure genius. Epic epicness.

    BTW, Cera is like the male version of Jennifer Aniston. Plays the same character in everything, yet is still loved. His best work is in Arrested Development. He and the rest of the cast, as well as the writing, are brilliant! Might not be your cuppa tea, though. Throw it in your Netflix queue and check it out.

    • Leading Lady
      April 22, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

      Cera is a lot like the male version of Aniston, you’re right.

      I will say I enjoyed Ramona and Knives–I just wish they had been the main characters.

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