Author: Dr. Sci-Fi

Widescreen Vs. Fullscreen

It is always a great feeling when you walk into a room and see Star Wars playing on the television. While over at a friends house everyone in the living room was watching The Empire Strikes Back, it was towards the beginning of the film, when the Empire is…. striking back at the rebel base

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From the Earth to the Moon: Part 1

From the Earth to the Moon is one of the most unprecedented HBO television miniseries. The first installment entitled “Can We Do This?” quickly takes us through the Mercury and Gemini programs of NASA. These first two steps towards the moon are covered in more detail in such films as The Right Stuff, the primary

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Jungle Cruise Heading to Theatres

Early rumblings are being felt on the internet about a live action Jungle Cruise movie by Walt Disney Pictures. This would be the fourth movie based on a Disneyland attraction. First being  The Country Bears (sad end to a classic attraction), second the extremely popular and lucrative Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (soon-to-be quadrilogy/saga), and

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