That’s No Moon, It’s an iPad 2!

Ok ok, I know that title is incredibly cheesy, but I just wanted to comment on how incredible the iPad is for viewing media. I have only had an iPad for the past 3 weeks but it has become an integral part to my work time and my play time.

There are many ways to watch Star Wars: A New Hope in our house. You could pop in one of the two DVD copies (Original 77 or Special Edition), or cue up the same thing on the Apple TV for instant viewing. Star Wars can be played on our macs, our phones, or on the iPad. Which is good because we LOVE watching Star Wars!

Here is why I don’t discount the iPad as a movie viewing experience over other obvious choices like the TV. The screen shows a great field of colors and blacks, the sound is decent and even better with headphones plugged in. I can view the movie at full screen or keep the proper widescreen aspect ratio. But the best part is the portability. In essence, the iPad is nothing more than a screen, a single frame, the hardware drops away and you are simply holding the movie in your hands. It is great when cozying  into a chair or watching a few chapters in bed. 9.7 inches of screen is a whole lot more then an iPhone.

I don’t keep any movie files on my iPhone anymore, that is a dedicated job for an iPad.


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