Escape with the Easter Bunny

Now I understand why they call it escapism. Last night, Dr. Sci-Fi and I saw Hop. We went to a local “cheap” theatre so we didn’t spend too much money on it–for which I am grateful.

Hop is WEIRD. I expected it to be mind-numbingly dumb–which why we chose to see it–but I wasn’t expecting head-scratchingly weird. Still, the movie accomplished what I hoped it would. It distracted me for a couple of hours from thinking about the death of my grandfather. All my family members displayed different methods of coping with the news–this was mine. As I told Dr. Sci-Fi, I just wanted to go see a stupid movie and he suggested Hop.

Sometimes people sneer at the idea of escapism. But I remember a blog I once read (can’t remember the title or author) that described going to see Superman Returns after learning of a friend’s tragic death. (I once used Elizabethtown for a similar purpose.) The guy thoughtfully noted the benefits of the escapism that movies provide. Although I can’t recall his exact wording I agree with the sentiment. It’s just a moment of distraction, a moment of relief, before you go wading back into the sadness and/or frustration of reality.

That’s why Shirley Temple was so popular in the 1930s. She helped people forget–just for a moment–that times were hard. Hop did the same for me.


One comment on “Escape with the Easter Bunny

  1. Sheryl Bell
    April 29, 2011 at 8:55 am #

    You pegged another one (and it was a timely escape from reality).

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