From the Earth to the Moon: Part 1

From the Earth to the Moon is one of the most unprecedented HBO television miniseries. The first installment entitled “Can We Do This?” quickly takes us through the Mercury and Gemini programs of NASA. These first two steps towards the moon are covered in more detail in such films as The Right Stuff, the primary focus of from the earth the moon is the Apollo program.

It is amazing that in the nine short years from Pres. John F. Kennedy’s declaration of putting a man on the moon Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were taking their first steps into the powdery surface. But before this epic journey could take place the complex vehicles and systems had to be dreamt by the men and women of NASA. Over 500,000 people were employed by this civilian space agency with a single mission of beating the Soviet Union to the moon.

The space race is one of the crowning achievement of man’s determination to overcome incredible obstacles, it is a symbol of American perseverance, determination and ingenuity and all of those aspects are captured brilliantly in this amazing miniseries.

I will be covering all 12 parts of From the Earth to the Moon, each one is a special story about an amazing American decade.


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